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Consultation – We meet with you to discuss what are your needs and desires for a vegetable garden.  Do you want a single raised bed with lettuces and herbs or maybe a couple of raised beds to grow a variety of vegetables? We will help you choose one of the four garden options to fit your needs.  We will then survey the desired location and create an installation schedule. 


Establishment – We will install the vegetable garden(s) into the desired location and plant the bed(s) with the chosen vegetable varieties that are in season.  We will also install a drip irrigation system that is programmed to best suit what is planted and to manage water usage.


Maintenance – We will tend to your vegetable garden one to two times per week to ensure all the plants are thriving.  No need for you to worry about watering, weeding, or pruning as we will take care of all of that for you.  We will send you regular email updates about your garden and let you know when the crop is ready for harvest.  Feel free to harvest it yourself or we can do that for you. Enjoy the bounty! 


Garden Options

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The Gardener

With 2 raised beds, you will enjoy the bounty of harvest and have the flexibility to grow a handful of different varieties. 

The Green Thumb

With 1 raised bed, you will enjoy the benefits of growing your own vegetables while minimizing the space needed. 

The Horticulturalist

With 3 raised beds, you will honor its namesake by growing a variety of vegetables and enjoy the bountiful harvest. 

The Farmer

With 4 raised beds, you will have the ultimate vegetable garden to be the envy of the neighborhood.  Enjoy the flexibility to grow an assortment of varieties with enough harvest to fulfill all your culinary needs.