Keeping your harvest fresh

Harvesting your crops as close to the time you plan to serve them is key! Crops begin to lose their tenderness, flavor and nutritional value immediately after they are picked, so timing is everything! However, if you have an abundant harvest, we do recommend a storage method. Wrap your gorgeous veggies in a damp towel, place in an open plastic bag, and store in the fridge. The cool, slightly damp conditions will keep your veggies fresh and crisp!

Zucchini blossoms explained

Who doesn't love a Summer zucchini flower. Stuffed, baked, or fried, we’ve never encountered one that doesn’t make our mouth water. But before you pick every flower at the delight of your dinner guests, we have to get a little technical…. Zucchinis have both male and female flowers. The female flowers turn into the zucchini and male flowers grow at the end of a long, thin stem. Both are needed to have a productive crop, however, the plant won’t mind if you steal a couple male flowers especially if you introduce it to it’s true love...RICOTTA. Just be sure to leave a few male flowers so you get a bountiful zucchini harvest!

tea garden

Gardening can be a physical job, especially in the Summer months. A reprieve from the Summer heat is to serve up a refreshing #BackyardToTable iced tea for your friends and family. Not all veggies from your garden require hours of prep work! One of the simplest recipes from your garden lies within your herbs. Harvest a handful of Lemon Verbena, add hot water, and let cool with ice. Instead of sugar, satisfy your sweet tooth by adding some freshly harvested Stevia! If this sounds refreshing to you, send us an email and we’ll get your summertime iced tea garden planted!